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State of Vermont Employees: Total Compensation

Pay = The amount paid to the employee for "standard hours", which for most full-time employees is 2,080 hours per year (some protective service employees have standard hours greater than 2,080). This includes "regular" pay, paid holidays, sick leave, annual leave, compensatory leave, and personal leave. Temporary employees are paid only for hours worked. General Assembly members are paid a weekly rate during the legislative session.

Other Pay: Other pay is a category of payments made to the employee that are not "pay" or "overtime" or "expenses", and includes shift differential, clothing allowance, annual leave payoff (upon retirement or RIF), prior year compensatory leave payoff, etc.

Overtime: Overtime is cash paid for hours worked in excess of defined workday and/or workweek at rates established in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreements.

Expenses: Includes reimbursement for mileage, meals and other expenses.

Total: The sum of "Pay", "Other Pay", "Overtime", and "Expenses".

Multiple Records: When "Multiple Records" is indicated this means that there is more than one record for the same employee. This can be the result of that employee changing jobs, being employed in multiple temporary jobs, or moving from one job type to another (e.g., moving from a temporary job to a classified job).

Job Type = Classified, Exempt, General Assembly, or Temporary

Total Benefits (2015 and later) = State contribution to Retirement and Social Security, and where applicable Health, Dental, Life, and Long Term Disability Insurance, and Employee Assistance Program.

Total Compensation (2015 and later) = The sum of 'Total Pay,' and 'Total Benefits.' Total compensation records in Excel format are available for individual fiscal years at the links below.

Fiscal Year 2016 Fiscal Year 2015 Fiscal Year 2014   Fiscal Year 2013   Fiscal Year 2012  
Fiscal Year 2011   Fiscal Year 2010   Fiscal Year 2009

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To view annualized calculations based on a single pay period, visit the 'state employee compensation page'.

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